Powwow Report for Ирландия - Dublin (Oct 23 2009)

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Report from  carrick16
Great Powwow! I hope you enjoyed the venue, the software introduction and each other's company as much as I did. I'm glad you agreed to try and make it a regular event: a Dublin powwow twice a year would be a good way to discuss translation related matters and meet fellow translators... So who's organising the next one and when is that going to be?

Thanks to: all of you for attending and being so <i>funtastic</i> and kind, and to Robert and everyone at Alchemy Software for all their support and their buddha's patience.

Photos from  Marc Sejourné

Photos from  Marc Sejourné

Photos from  Paul O'Brien

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ProZ.com users and members who attended
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Paul Larkin (X)
Valentina Balšić
Almudena Leal
Enrique Alda
Marc Sejourné
Diarmuid Kennan
Susanne Kennan
Ingrun Wenge
Paul O'Brien
Asta Arminen (X)
Pol-Eng Artur
xxRGProz (X)
Gerald Morin
Ciarán Rooney
Flavio Frulio (X)
Franziska Witschel
fivexs (X)

Postings from ProZians who attended this event

Nov 13 '09  Franziska Witschel: Thanks!
Hi Ellie,
I would also like to thank you again for the work and kind support, although I came late I really enjoyed meeting the diehards who stayed on longer!
Dublin Powwow twice a year sounds great!
Nov 12 '09  Marc Sejourné: Pics
Some of the pics do not go through, even though they are not above the size limits. Please e-mail me to receive them all. Same if you do not want your picture to be published! Take care all, back in Dublin on the 1st of May 2010...
Nov 12 '09  carrick16: Pictures available.... on demand...
Hi lads! Hope you're all fine and working away on interesting projects!

I tried to upload pictures with no results, tried to get help from site staff to upload the pics, but they're just very big so nothing could be done.

If you're interested though, just let me know and I'll send them to you by e-mail. I'd love to share them with you.

Oct 29 '09  Paul O'Brien: Great job
Well done Ellie. Great idea about the sponsor (and they even paid for our dinner and drinks!! Wow!), very nice venue right in the city centre and, above all, really great company and enjoyable conversation. I\'ll let you all know when I\'ve uploaded my public gallery. In the meantime, thanks again to Ellie for a job well done.
Oct 28 '09  Ciarán Rooney: Great night
Thanks for a great night Ellie. It was great to meet so many fellow translators. Looking forward to the next one.
Oct 28 '09  Asta Arminen (X): Thanks!
Ellie, thanks for organising and thanks for the sponsors, too! Dublin powwow twice a year sounds good to me ;)
Oct 26 '09  danadiana: Thanks Ellie
I'd like to say thanks too. It was nice to meet with other people in the same business.
Oct 25 '09  SueE: Thank you
Hi Ellie,

A short note to say a big thank you for all your efforts in organising the pow wow. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and hope there's a repeat performance in the not too distant future.