20,000 EUR
(30,000 USD)
20,000 EUR
(30,000 USD)

What is the Justin Chlebus Memorial Scholarship Fund?


Created in memory of a former ProZ.com staff member, the Fund exists to support a program that identifies and supports exceptional young people in pursuing arts or sciences in which they are particularly talented, in countries other than their own. Award recipients receive grants of up to $10,000 (€7,990) to be applied toward studying abroad for periods of six months to a year.

The goal is that while advancing in areas in which they already excel -- with the added stimulation of a foreign environment -- sponsored young people will also learn a new language, thereby enhancing their ability to contribute to the world over the course of their lifetimes.

Who can apply?


Applications are invited from men and women between the ages of 18 and 26 who:


(1) have special skills in the arts (music, dance, literature, etc.), sciences or other field


(2) are passionate about learning a new language


(3) plan to study abroad in a country that speaks a language foreign to them, with the purpose of practicing or enhancing their special talent/skill


Although applications are encouraged from children of ProZ.com members (and members who meet the criteria), there is no requirement that applicants be affiliated with ProZ.com. Interest or experience in translation is not required, so if you know an extraordinary person who meets the above criteria, please let them know about this scholarship opportunity!  


What does the application process consist of?


In the application, interested parties are asked to discuss (and if applicable, demonstrate -- for example in video form) their unique art or skill and also explain, in essay format, what they hope to bring to the world during their lifetimes by way of their chosen art or skill. 

How will the scholarship recipient be selected?


Recipients will be selected by a committee consisting of ProZ.com members, site staff, and representatives from Justin's family.  

What responsibilities will the scholarship recipient have?


The scholarship recipient will be required to report back to the community on his or her progress and experiences (linguistic, cultural and artistic). 

What timing is anticipated for the application process and study period?


Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. It is expected that a scholarship recipient will be selected by the end of 2012.

Where do interested parties apply?



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About Justin

Justin Chlebus began working at ProZ.com in March of 2005 and served as a developer and systems administrator for two and a half years. Dedicating himself to the service of the ProZ.com community, he made monumental contributions to the site and company, and also helped thousands of people around the world to get the most from it. He died on September 2, 2007, having just celebrated his 22nd birthday.

Justin's extraordinary warmth and enthusiasm could be felt by anyone who came into contact with him. He was brilliant, and was always ready to drop everything to help someone out. Those of us who worked with him every day are blessed to have known such a bright and good spirit.

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