Tapping Into Translators' Creativity: Connecting the dots between translation and creativity

By: Magda Phili

Categories: Translation

Translators are (re)writers, they are dot connectors, they know how to read between the lines, tap into the heart of texts with all their layers, do research, use glossaries, work with software, network, create brands, help people communicate across the globe.

Creativity helps translators become better at their craft, find ways to market their services, establish an online presence, design beautiful websites. But there's more: translators often pursue hobbies in art, crafts and music. Translators are also creative when it comes to finding ways to cope with the challenges of a highly demanding, yet underappreciated profession. Their creativity is paramount to their professional development and fulfillment and it is key in understanding the value translators bring into the written world.

In this writing journey, inspiration comes not just from translation but from the world of art and in particular, Vermeer and his most famous painting "Girl With a Pearl Earring".

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