Banner Ads


Banner ads can be targeted by geographic location as well as based on demographic variables. Multiple and unique banner ads can be targeted to site users based on demographic variables such as: freelancers versus agencies, years experience, CAT tool experience, field of expertise, language pair and more. All banner ad programs require a minimum 3 (three) month commitment.

Pay per click banner advertising (PPC) can provide advertising on a pay per click basis at $0.75 per click. Advertiser can set spending limit per month and will only deliver ads until that spending limit is reached. A credit card must be on file with If click-through rate falls below average for all advertisers, may cease advertising or request a change to new creative content. Delivery parameters will be determined by All click tracking and metrics to be measured by ad system. Pay per click ad programs require a minimum $100 monthly commitment. All click tracking and metrics to be measured by ad system.

Pay per 1,000 banner ad views (CPM)

CPM advertising provides greater brand awareness and greater distribution of advertising images. Advertiser pays a flat fee for every 1,000 banners (irrespective of banner size) that are displayed on pages. Run of site banner ads are delivered to all users regardless of country or location and independent of any demographic variables. Targeted banner ads are delivered to a specific geographic location or to a specific user demographic variable - i.e only to agencies, or only to users listed as working into or out of a specific language.
  • Advertiser pays a flat fee for every 1,000 ads displayed
  • Run of site ads (non-targeted) are priced at $1.50 per 1,000 ads delivered
  • Targeted ads are priced at $2.00
  • For example, $100 a month = 66,000 non-targeted banner ads OR 50,000 targeted banner ads

Specifications adheres to the International Advertising Bureau advertising standards.
  • Banner ads must be in JPG, GIF, PNG formats
  • Banners should each be under 40 KB in size
  • Sizes include 468 x 60 (468 pixels wide, 60 pixels tall) 120 x 120 and 200 x 200
  • All 3 banner ad size options can be found on this page reserves the right to edit, change or omit any advertiser’s banner content and/or design and/or related landing pages that it deems inappropriate for its web properties. Banner production and related costs are the responsibility of the advertiser. As part of your campaign advertisers will be provided with a password to access all traffic data (impressions, click-through rate etc) updated in real time available to you 24 hours a day via the web. All advertising is subject to terms and conditions which can be found at Terms & conditions.