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Feedback - Fourth ProZ.com Translation Contest
This space is provided for feedback and suggestions about the contest as a whole.
Stephen Sadie
I am delighted to be one of the winners and would like to propose that, at least as a target text, you separate UK and US English for future contests. This occurred to me during the voting stage when I read the translations from my peers

I would like to congratulate all the winners of this contest and after that I want to say that the lack of interest in participating in the contest in my language pair is really very unfortunate. In spite of adequate advertisement by Proz., my colleagues remained silent. This can't be because there are no able persons in Urdu translators community, but it needs only a little of their time to contribute towards promotion of their language.

Hoping that they will show some enthusiasm in future contests.


I think Stephen's idea about separating US and UK English deserves discussion, at least.

One reason is that there are many subtle differences that can dramatically alter people's impressions about a translation - examples: some uses of should versus would, or shall versus will, and even rules of punctuation.

Perhaps it is not feasible, since eligibility to participate depends on members' working language pairs. But if it could be worked out, it would reduce the number of contestants in each contest and enable more close scrutiny and more concentrated voting. One could perhaps enter a translation in either one of the two, but could vote in both UK and US. ??????

Other ideas, anyone?
Stephen Sadie
@Jack and others: this is exactly what I would welcome. Lots of us translate from both UK and US English to another language and have sufficient command of both UK and US English to cope with that, but we could separate the entries to English for the next contest and nonetheless allow all translators to English to cast their votes.

Off-topic: I wanted to say thank you to everyone involved in the organisation of this contest, especially for the interesting source text(s)
Maria Messini
Thank you so much for voting for my translation and special thanks to my talented colleague George Lalazissis who helped me go for some risky choices. It is the second time I win the contest and since I'm not as much an active professional as I am a translation teacher, positive feedback on my work is very welcome. If you think I'm a super translator I should let you know that it's very difficult for me to answer the Kudoz questions as I don't have experience in technical translations so there you have it. I tried to give this translation a certain "twist" and apparently you appreciated it so thanks again and good luck next time - oh yes, I'm going to try again! :) A thought that has just occurred to me is that the certificate I will receive will probably be identical to the first one. What if the certificate of two-time winners certify this fact or be a bit different? I'm thinking that this should be an incentive for members to participate in the next contests and especially for winners to try again.

Once again many thanks and regards to all Greek proz.com members!

We are so pleased to win the Arabic contest. Thanks to all those who voted and a big thank you for those who voted for us!
Really, we had lots of fun and enjoyed the contest immensely. Special thanks go to the organizers and coordinators who helped make this contest a success. Finally, we would like to wish the best of luck to all colleagues who participated in the event.

Once again, thank you all!

On behalf of BeLocalized team,
Muhammad Alatoon
Shouguang Cao
I'm just exuberant! I'm the winner for the English-Chinese pair. As a new prozian, this prize means so much to me.

Any ideas that how and when I get the certificate?
Stephen Sadie
One more thought on the contests - maybe it would motivate more people to participate if PROZ.com were to award prizes for winners, such as participation in the next conference. Of course winning and recognition is an honour in itself, but many more people may well be motivated to participate if such prizes were available
Miet Ooms
I am very proud to be the winner for the German-Dutch pair. The subject was very familiar to me, because I have a kid in the described age, so it was very fun to do.
Henry Dotterer
"maybe it would motivate more people to participate if PROZ.com were to award prizes for winners"

Maybe we could have one big contest per year promoted in that way...
Michaela Bordessoule
How objective is the result, when for language combination English into Czech only 2 people voted and therefore there are 2 winners. Isn't in a place a condition about minimum number of votes to proceed before official announcement of winner takes place?
Henry Dotterer
"English into Czech only 2 people voted"

Good point. A minimum vote requirement should perhaps be instituted.
José Miguel Braña Montaña
Thank you so much! I am honoured to be the winner of the French-Spanish pair. Thanks to those who voted for my translation. I agree with Dallas Cao, for us new prozers it means a lot.
Marzia Caselli
As a new prozer I too am very happy about winning the Spanish-Italian pair!
Luisa Doplicher
My thanks as well to all the organizers! I saw the result only yesterday; it has been a very pleasant surprise...
Ivana de Sousa Santos
I really wasn't expecting to win the contest for the French-Portuguese pair, especially after my submission for the Spanish-Portuguese was desqualified. :)
Csaba Ban
Why was there no winner announced in two language pairs with more than 3 entries? (Es-Ru, Es-De)
Emanuela Galdelli
Another wonderful event. Let's participate, contests can help us to know each other and to learn how to participate in a contest in a friendly, useful and nice community! ;)

Many compliments to all, I read very good texts.
Ciao Emanuela
Flavio Ferri-Benedetti
I had no idea about the contest... was it announced anywhere or anyhow? :(
Stephen Sadie
Flavio - of course...you should check the site properly and sign up for notifications
Emanuela Galdelli
Flavio, the home page of ProZ.com has shown it. Check your settings for Proz.com home page.
Flavio Ferri-Benedetti
Thanks! :) I was evidently not careful enough.

Looking forward to participate!
Gennady Lapardin
Fantastic contest, great thanks to whom took care choosing and posting the texts !!! So many plays of words, ex. in English source: "the bees and the birds" (I guess it was not simple to translate it into Italian ;)) and "roller coaster" (all Roman group as one translated "Russian hills/runs", all Russian group translated "American hills/runs").
That really was an amusement !
Susanne Glas
I am wondering why there is no winner for ES/DE.
Cristina Heraud-van Tol
I have a suggestion for the next contest. This actually happened to me. I participated in the contest, I got a negative vote but I don't know why? I suggest that when voters give a negative vote, they should at least write a line of 'why?' Were there grammar errors, typos, the translation was too literal?, etc.
Susanne Glas
Yes, Cristina, this is a good idea. So the person who wrote the entry knows what could be improved.

These language pairs were below the threshold of voting. You can view the entries and leave your feedback.

немецкий to белорусскийEntries: 1 английский to датскийEntries: 2 испанский to норвежскийEntries: 1
немецкий to чешскийEntries: 2 английский to хиндиEntries: 1 испанский to русскийEntries: 5
немецкий to китайскийEntries: 1 английский to японскийEntries: 1 французский to арабскийEntries: 2
немецкий to датскийEntries: 1 английский to корейскийEntries: 1 французский to белорусскийEntries: 1
немецкий to финскийEntries: 2 английский to литовскийEntries: 1 французский to китайскийEntries: 1
немецкий to французскийEntries: 2 английский to тамильскийEntries: 1 французский to голландскийEntries: 1
немецкий to польскийEntries: 1 английский to тагалогEntries: 1 французский to македонскийEntries: 1
немецкий to Portuguese (EU)Entries: 1 английский to урдуEntries: 2 французский to польскийEntries: 1
немецкий to румынскийEntries: 2 английский to вьетнамскийEntries: 1 французский to украинскийEntries: 1
немецкий to турецкийEntries: 1 английский to йорубаEntries: 1 итальянский to чешскийEntries: 1
английский to хорватскийEntries: 1 испанский to болгарскийEntries: 1 итальянский to финскийEntries: 1
английский to белорусскийEntries: 1 испанский to китайскийEntries: 1 итальянский to шведскийEntries: 1
английский to болгарскийEntries: 1 испанский to немецкийEntries: 7 (4 finalists)