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Feedback - Third ProZ.com Translation Contest
This space is provided for feedback and suggestions about the contest as a whole.
Hipyan Nopri
Dear Florencia,

As a break to our routine translating activities, this is really a great and amusing contest. In fact, I am one of the finalists for English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English. Even though I am not the winner, I will certainly take part in the next contests.

Compared with the previous two contests, more translators participate in this third contest. Unfortunately, it appears that the number of voters is still limited (7 for English to Indonesian). Thus, I think it would be more interesting to provide non-members with rights to voting phase. By doing so, the number of voters will increase and the voting will be more representative.

Best Regards

Monika Silea
Like Hipyan Nopri, I am a participant - though not winner - in the contest. The contest is great! God willing, I'll take part in future contests. I subscribe to Hipyan's suggestion to have non-paying members allowed to vote and add comments. Also, the possibility to work in pairs was a great idea!
Nice work everyone!
Same here: not enough people voted in my language pair EN>AR and I am sure that I stood a real chance of winning that contest had the voting been open to all members.
Alexander Onishko
I strongly DISAGREE with the suggestion to give the non-paying members the right to vote because this would open the way for falsification by means of creation of clone profiles.
Hani Hassaan
I strongly agree with Alexandaer Onishko, If the right of voting gives to non-paying members, a large gate of falsification and non-real voting will be open, it will not be a real contest.
Joanna Borowska
I took part, but unfortunately, there were too few entries in my pair. I think that might be partly because some translators simply didn't know about the contest.

I would suggest posting information about future contests in particular language forums - this might help getting more people interested.

Other than that, great job! Looking forward to the next one!
Jarnail Gill
Why dont you include Punjabi English pair in future contests?
Claudia Vera
I agree with Alexander, I don't think giving non-paying members is a good idea. I wasn't able to take part in this contest, but will surely participate in the next one. I am looking forward to it. These contests are really enriching!
Katarina Peters
A few of us have submitted our feedbacks/opinions/suggestions regarding the Portuguese contest...without having received any acknowledgment or response whatsoever from Florencia, who apparently is the initiator of these contests...thus discouraging us from further participation, as much as we would like to...
Katia Gygax
Agreed with Alexander Onishko. Clone profiles, friends and family votes are all too easy. I also think that those who participate should be allowed to give comments but not to vote.

It is a pity that no one translated our wonderful Cheburashka story into French.
Hikmat Gumilar
Dear All,
It's great to participate and win.
One greatest challenge remains is to increase participation either for participating in the contest and attracts as many votes as possible.

I suggest several approach that can be improved in the future contests, based on 'stick and carrot' approach:

1. Apply for all paying and non-paying members.
2. All paying member is automatically eligible for the contest.
3. All non-paying members is eligible for participation in the contest if: reached minimum membership years in proz.com as non-paying members, or reached minimum Kudoz points, LWA, completeness of profiles or other measurements now applicable and received for non-paying members.
- Paying and Non paying members will receive certain Kudoz points for participation.

Voting rights, basically almost the same:
1. Apply for all paying and non-paying members.
2. All paying member is automatically eligible for the contest.
3. All non-paying members is eligible for participation in the contest if: reached minimum membership years in proz.com as non-paying members, or reached minimum Kudoz points, LWA, completeness of profiles or other measurements now applicable and received for non-paying members.
- Paying and Non paying members will receive certain Kudoz points for voting a participant.
- Voters and participants of contest can obtain their 'hall of fame' too for their participation in Proz.com activities. Remember several online forums grant certain level of membership status for their active involvements in the forum such as 'Super Premium Users', "Premium Users" "Newbie" etc, which is automatically given based on numbers of postings, comments, Quick votes, etc that they make, and number of voting in contest can be also one aspect to be measured there. Looking at a web-system development this is quite a challenge if it is going to be implemented, but the principle of 'stick and carrot' should remains.

Katia Gygax
Hello everyone,

Sorry, I have a different opinion. For me the charm of this contest is to get honest feedback from professionals and remain anonimous as long as you wish. It seems to be meant as a competition between professionals judged by professionals, the Hamburg score of translators. Where else can you have it?

Once again, only paying members should be able to vote. Kudoz points might be given not for voting itself but for a motivated feedback.

Non-paying members could participate if they have earned a certain (not too low) number of points. Years should not count because a lot of people only ask questions and never reply. (In fact I would apply the same rule to paying members but it is a bit extreme.) Non-paying members should be able to give feedback but not vote. The reasons are already well described above. Paying prevents abuse.

Thank you.

Enjoy the rest of the weed-end,
Ilana Cowan
I look forward to participating in the contest next time. In my opinion, only members should vote.

Ilana Cowan
Suzanne Barbeau
I didnt know about this contest at all : messages by Proz should be clearer about that.

Thank you
Angie Garbarino
Dear Florencia
Can we have a legal text next time? I really would love it,
may be a kind of contract?
Thank you!
Please, no medical, legal, marketing or technical texts in these contests.
Stick to fiction, literature, jokes and the like.
It is supposed to be fun!
Angie Garbarino
I agree Gianfranco

But for me legal is fun :)!
Angie Garbarino
But ok
It doesn't matter
Katia Gygax
Good idea, I mean the last one. I guess everyone would like to change subject, at least for the contest. Food for souls please, something that makes you feel good.
Angie Garbarino
Hi Katia,

Yes this is exactly what I meant
P.S.Ops I have not the blue ribbon anymore, strange???
Katia Gygax
Sorry Angio, this is not what I meant. Your two messages came too fast. In fact I replied to Gianfranco. I clearly prefer "human" texts for contests.
Andreea Ciurea
It would also be nice to have more feedback on our translations. I have seen that in some pairs with 1 or 2 entries there was no feedback at all. Pitty.
Mona Helal
Dear Henry,

it's a bit difficult to know the winner in the English>Arabic translation entry (I'm sure it's the same for other languages too), because all we saw was the text. Is there a way of attaching the name to text?

I want to know if the entry I voted for was the winning entry.

Mona Helal
Mona Helal
forgot to mention that there's not enough advice is given regarding oncoming translation contest.

I wouldn't have minded participating in it if I had known.

More should be done in this area.
Mona Helal
María Florencia Vita
Two more winners in the Third ProZ.com Translation Contest:

Dear members,

Two drawings for another ProZ.com laptop case have just been held as previously announced in the contest forum.

I am happy to announced the two winners, one among those posters whose entries in certain language pairs were very few to enter the qualification round and another among those who actively participated in the last voting stage helping decide the winners!

I would like to congratulate the winners of those drawings, respectively, who are:

Dmitriy Kovalev, with ID number 27987 http://www.proz.com/profile/27987
who participated in the Russian>English language pair with only two finalists.


Sussie Miles, with ID number 654432 http://www.proz.com/profile/654432
who voted in the final round to help decide the winners, and who also by chance participated in the English >Spanish language pair but did not to make it to the qualification stage.

Thanks you all for participating and supporting the contest!

Hope to see you all in the next one!

Kind regards,
Katarina Peters
Hi Florencia,

Are we EVER going to get a response from you regarding our suggestions and comments (please see our feedbacks for the Portuguese contest) on the Portuguese forum.


Katarina Peters
I, for one, fully agree with Gianfranco's comments!
Sylvia Valls
This is the first time I hear about the contest too, now that it is all over! Would like to compete with Fr and English to Spanish and Spanish and French to English, in poetry... Keep me posted!
Luisa Doplicher
Hi all, it was great to participate in the third translation contest. I submitted an entry for the Russian to Italian pair, unfortunately I couldn't access the internet at the moment when I had to decide whether to keep my entry public even though there were only two entries in this pair. I would like to ask if it's still possible to make my entry public; I would like to receive feedback from colleagues. Thanks a lot
María Florencia Vita
Dear Luisa,

Of course you can, I will ask Pablo to make your entry visible and ready to recieve feedback from your colleagues.

I appreciate your patience.

Kind regards,
María Florencia Vita
Dear Katarina,

Please accept my apologies for the delay. I have read the Portuguse forum and my opinion as regards making the distinction between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portugese is this:
I really believe this is a delicate and difficult issue.
The same as with Portuguese, the Spanish in Argentina is not the same as the Spanish in Spain, or Mexico, or Colombia.
I think this distinction represents an additional issue that should be evaluated by the voters and also represents another challenge for the participants.
In my opinion the contest should reamain at the language level.

Thanks again for all your support and participation.

Kind regards,
La Classe
There should be some technical documents for the contest. The next time, I also love to take participate into it. Congrats to all the winners.
Have fun and throw a party for all other members :))
La Classe
I also want to know about Malay translation contest. Please let me know about the text to be translated into Malay, so that I can ask my friend to translate and win some prize.

Thanks and regards.
Manohar Roshan
Katia Gygax
I have a proposal that might please both sides, tech/low and litterature lovers. Why not to do both?Both parties can participate in both contests, what do you think? Just keep in mind that this time we did not have enough participants for some languages with only one contest.

I cannot even imagine what the time investment is for Florencia and the rest of the team, it is just a thought. As far as I am concerned I would gladly help if I can.
Zaida Machuca Inostroza
Je suis contente du résultat, car la traduction d'Elizabeth Ardans, par laquelle j'ai voté, m'a paru une des meilleures.
Monika Silea
Well, about the voting session and suggestions: I know that the IP address of the voter can be identified. So, why not allow non-paying members to vote, but deny if the same IP address is detected. Thou, for instance, we are two colleagues in an office and the IP adress is only one, thou we use different computers. The IP is that of the network. So, it wouldn't be so easy to clone profiles and vote. Besides, where's the fun if I vote for myself???
María Florencia Vita
Dear Winners,

I have seen that you have experienced some kind of trouble while downloading your diploma.
The error message you get is because you need to use the Adobe Reader 8.1 version, the diploma is compatible with this last version only.
Here is the link to download the Adobe Reader 8.1:

Please apologize for any inconveniences that this might have caused you.

Kind regards,
Andrea Macarie
One question: I see there are some language pairs in which no winner has been chosen yet. Does this mean the contest is still open?

María Florencia Vita
Dear Andrea,

The Third ProZ.com Translation Contest has finished.
In those language pairs where no winner has been chosen, it is simply because there weren't enough entries to enter competition.

I hope to see you in the next one!

Kind regards,
Andrea Macarie
Thanks for your reply Florencia.

But wouldn’t it be more logical not to close the contest until let’s say 90% of the language pairs have a winner?
Honestly, it’s not very stimulating to do the same job as your fellow translators and not to be given the chance to win because in your language combination there aren’t enough entries! I wanted to participate in the English-Catalan combination, but I saw the competition too late...
María Florencia Vita
Dear Andrea,

I see your point. For that reason, we are planning to open the Fourth Translation Contest for the English source text on Monday 30th next week (everybody will be notified bt email) at the very latest.
Having the source text displayed beforehand should help more members to submit their entries and make it to the qualification round by giving them more time. This could be relevant in language pairs with very few entries.

Thanks for your feedback.

Stay tuned!

Kind regards,

These language pairs were below the threshold of voting. You can view the entries and leave your feedback.

английский to сербскийEntries: 1 английский to польскийEntries: 2 итальянский to румынскийEntries: 1
английский to албанскийEntries: 1 английский to словацкийEntries: 1 итальянский to русскийEntries: 1
английский to армянскийEntries: 1 английский to шведскийEntries: 1 русский to армянскийEntries: 1
английский to каталанский (каталонский)Entries: 2 английский to тамильскийEntries: 2 русский to болгарскийEntries: 2
английский to датскийEntries: 2 английский to тигриньяEntries: 1 русский to французскийEntries: 2
английский to греческий (новогреческий)Entries: 1 английский to украинскийEntries: 1 русский to венгерскийEntries: 1
английский to японскийEntries: 2 английский to вьетнамскийEntries: 2 русский to итальянскийEntries: 2
английский to литовскийEntries: 2 венгерский to английскийEntries: 2 русский to литовскийEntries: 1
английский to македонскийEntries: 1 итальянский to немецкийEntries: 1 русский to румынскийEntries: 1
английский to малайскийEntries: 2 итальянский to французскийEntries: 1   
английский to норвежскийEntries: 1 итальянский to японскийEntries: 1